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Alonzo A. Young, Sr. Enrichment & Historical Center
'A Governor's Point Of Light Project'

~Youth Program~

The Royal Historical Enrichment & Art Program (RHEAP) is housed at the Alonzo A. Young, Sr. Enrichment & Historical Center, 9569 County Road 235, Wildwood (Royal), FL, 34785.   See photos, below.

The program is Free.  For more information:
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The cornerstone program of the Alonzo A. Young, Sr. Enrichment & Historical Center, 9569 County Road 235, Wildwood (Royal), FL 34785, RHEAP is offered to the citizens of Sumter County, FL.  The center once served the community's school children during segregation, as a cafeteria, and was originally built in 1950.

Royal Historical Enrichment & Art Program (RHEAP) an enriching, educational, cultural and historical program, which addresses the needs of Sumter County youth and families in a controlled and positive environment.  The program enhances self-worth among the  program participants through the development of interest in history & culture, awareness of opportunities and exploring the arts to build character and self-esteem.  The program helps to develop attitudes, characteristics and intellectual skills required to participate effectively in today's society.  The program addresses some of the pressing issues for children today, such as violence, nutrition, bullying, tobacco and drug usage and also, filled with an art, history & culture hands-on workshops, i.e. music, visual arts, dance, drama, photography, puppetry and the development of historical collections.  Professionals, who are known for incorporating youth behavior modification techniques with their teachings, are invited to conduct the workshops.  Such as Alvon Griffin, who created a rhythmic system that incorporates algebraic equations, into his drum playing.  His classes allows youth participants to play 'plastic buckets'/ drums by using math and geometry rhythms.  These rhythms involve 34 different sounds with the end result producing a progressive, entertaining percussion resonance.  Mr. Griffin's class is a proven tool used as a positive anger management tool.  While no specific data to back up these thoughts, caseworkers have found, by observation that the youth attending his classes seem to have more control over their anger and impulses.
           Photos: YPAs, Inc.
RHEAP's goal is to enhance self-worth among Sumter County's youth.  RHEAP's objectives are 80% of the young participants will increase their awareness of healthy living alternatives.  80% will have an increased understanding of respecting others rights and the importance of living violent free.  80% will have increased self-esteem via character building techniques.  80% will have an increased understanding of becoming literate.  80% will have an increased awareness of the arts, history, culture and diversity.
RHEAP targets youth in the K-12 Sumter County School District, including home schooled students, youth who are underachieving in school, who are at risk of dropping out of school and who are at risk of criminal or drug involvement due to family or associational circumstances.  The program welcomes all youth regardless of race, gender or creed.

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